Administrative Structure of BIGSAS

BIGSAS is headed by the Academic Committee (AC) which comprises the Dean and the two Vice Deans, the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator, three Senior Fellows representing the three Research Areas, the Junior Fellow Representatives, one Postdoc Representative, the Gender and Diversity Representatives and the Partner Universities’ Coordinator. The AC admits the doctoral students, verifies the progress of every PhD student, takes the final decisions regarding the organisation of the Graduate School, the coordination of the training programme, the admission of staff, the allocation of finances and appoints the doctoral commissions for the defence. 

The execution of the decisions of the Academic Committee is carried out by the Management Board (MB), comprising the Dean, the two Vice Deans, the Gender and Diversity Representatives, the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator of BIGSAS. Academic Committee and Management Board act in consultation with the Advisory Board (AB) which meets once a year. It includes two external advisors, one representative of the University of Bayreuth and one representative of the Institute of African Studies (IAS). The Administration Team runs the institutional structures of the Graduate School and assures day-to-day assistance for all members.