Application Requirements


Applications can only be taken into consideration if the following documents are provided (in English, French or German) and meet the requested specifications. We do accept PDF files, per category not more than 5 MB.


Admission to BIGSAS does not necessarily comprise any kind of funding. You should therefore specify in your application whether you are also applying for financial support or not.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered!

Academic Presentation

  1. Project proposal
    (including the aims of the dissertation, a detailed work and time schedule for the project, 10 pages at a max. and an abstract of the proposal. Please include your name, page number and an explanation of the file on each page)

  2. Letter of Motivation
    (1 page, explaining why you apply for BIGSAS)

  3. Copy of your written Master’s or equivalent thesis

  4. Two letters of reference
    (Authors need to be from the applicant's academic background  and mentioned with title and university/institute)

  5. List of academic publications (if applicable)

Formal requirements

  1. Curriculum Vitae
    (showing your academic progress and qualification(s) in detail)

  2. Secondary School Graduation Certificate / Higher Education Entrance Certificate

  3. Bachelor's Degree or equivalent degree including transcript of records
    (e.g. Licence ou Maîtrise, a certified copy is requested)

  4. Master's Degree or equivalent degree including transcript of records
    (e.g. DEA or DESS, a certified copy is requested)


If you have further questions please read our FAQ or contact us.