Special Features and Offers

Language Courses

deutschkursLanguage courses are a key element of the BIGSAS Studies Programme. German language skills are not a requirement for admission. Yet once admitted to BIGSAS, all foreign students are expected to prove or to acquire basic German language skills to enable them to get around in Germany. BIGSAS also offers supplementary English language courses as well as courses in African languages.

International Academic Orientation

The PhD students benefit from courses and lectures given by internationally renowned guest professors and outstanding writers, musicians and artists. They are also encouraged to invite academics they would like to discuss or work with.

Gender and Diversity Programme

The BIGSAS Gender and Diversity Programme aims to specifically support and promote female and parent students in the academic community and to create a family-friendly work environment. Moreover, it offers a coaching programme for  PhD students. Parent students are supported in choosing appropriate child care services. There is also the possibility to apply for financial support for individual short-term child care services. The BIGSAS location itself is equipped with a children’s room. (see also Gender and Diversity Programme)

Publication of Dissertations

For Junior Fellows who have completed the doctoral programme, BIGSAS partly covers (part) the costs for the publication of their thesis provided that their final grade is at least magna cum laude (very good / with high honours). Here you can see a current list of the published dissertations.