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Have a look at the (online) series "Bayreuth African Studies Working Papers" with miscelleanous topics here. So far, seven issues were published by Junior Fellows of BIGSAS.

  • 2019 (Vol. 23) "Gender and Social Encounters: Experiences from Africa"
  • 2018 (Vol. 18) "Living in African Cities: Urban Spaces, Lifestyles and Social Practices in Everyday Life"
  • 2017 (Vol. 17) "Perspectives on Translation Studies in Africa"
  • 2016 (Vol. 15) "Religion and Space: Perspectives from African Experiences"
  • 2015 (Vol. 13) "Actors, Institutions and Changes: Perspectives on Africa"
  • 2013 (Vol. 11) "Challenging Notions of Development and Change from Everyday Life in Africa"
  • 2013 (Vol. 10) "The making of Meaning in Africa: Word, Image and Sound"
  • 2012 (Vol. 9) "Trends, Discourses and Representations in Religions in Africa"
  • 2011 (Vol. 7) "Women's Life Worlds 'In-Between'"


The BIGSAS World

The first two issues of the Junior Fellow's newsletter are available as PDF documents (download below). This publication offers a panoramic view of the Junior Fellow's as well as Alumni's experiences and activities as young researchers during the years 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.


The BIGSAS World 2012-2013 (PDF, 9 MB)

The BIGSAS World 2014-2015 (PDF, 8 MB)


WHO - A BIGSAS Photography Project by Aderemi Adegbite

The accompanying brochure of the art project the Nigerian artist realised during his residency at BIGSAS in 2015/16 is available as a PDF document (download below).




Publications of dissertations of BIGSAS Alumni

Download the list of Alumni publications here.


pub_abou_moumouni Abou Moumouni, Issifou, 2020, Gouvernance de la sécurité au Bénin : Les chasseurs néo-traditionnels dans le système sécuritaire, Münster: LIT. pub_alhassane Alhassane, Najoum A., 2020, Les ruptures conjugales en Afrique subsaharienne musulmane, Paris: L'Harmattan.
  Balogun, Adeyemi, 2020, Being a "Good Muslim": The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Islamic Reform and Religious Change in Yorubaland, 1954 - 2014, online publication (PDF). pub_botche Boutché, Jean Pierre, 2020, Fula spoken in the City of Maroua (Northern Cameroon). A sociolinguistic insight into its use by non-ethnic speakers, Münster: LIT.
pub_deutschmann Deutschmann, Anna, 2020, Studierende als Akteure im politischen Wandel Afrikas, Heidelberg: Springer.   Kamdem, Eliane Sonkoue Meli Epse, 2020, Tense-Aspect Categories and Standard Negation in Five Bamileke Languages of Cameroon: A Descriptive and Comparative Study, online publication (PDF).
pub_materna Materna, Georg, 2020, Straßenhandel mit Souvenirs im Senegal, Münster: LIT.   Memusi, Shilla, 2020, Gender Equality Legislation and Institutions at the Local Level in Kenya: Experiences of the Maasai, online publication (PDF).
pub_scaglioni Scaglioni, Marta, 2020, Becoming the ‘Abid. Lives and Social Origins in Southern Tunisia, Milan: Ledizioni.    


pub_ahmed Ahmed, Umar, 2019, Gender in Media Discourse: The Discursive Construction of Gender in Nigerian Newspapers, Münster: LIT. pub_baas Baas, Renzo, 2019, Fictioning Namibia as a Space of Desire. An excursion into the literary space of Namibia during colonialism, apartheid and the Liberation Struggle, Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien.
  Frempong, Raymond Boadi, 2019, Child Labour in Sub-Saharan Africa : Empirical Evidence and New Perspectives , online publication (PDF). pub_liggins Liggins, Arlena, 2019, Making debates. The Politics of Diabetes Diagnostics in Uganda, Bielefeld: transcript.
  Muhire, Blaise Mwanga, 2019, Land, Power and Identity : The politics of scale and violent conflict in Masisi, "DR Congo", online publication (PDF).   Hanif, Mohammad Ajmal, 2019, Debating Sufism : The Tijāniyya and its Opponents , online publication (PDF).
  Oyali, Uchenna Paul, 2019, Bible Translation and Language Elaboration : The Igbo Experience, online publication (PDF). pub_riess Rieß, Johanna, 2019, Internet in Nairobi, Kenia. Medienaneignung als Konstruktion, Bielefeld: transcript.
pub_sackey Sackey, Emmanuel, 2019, Dynamic Tensions, Civil Society and Development of the Disability Rights Movement, Münster: LIT.   Teca, Afonso, 2019, Esttudo da voz verbal em Kizómbò (H.16K) , online publication (PDF).


pub_abdelkreem Abd Elkreem, Tamer M. A., 2018, Power Relations of Development. The Case of Dam Construction in the Nubian Homeland, Sudan , Münster: LIT.   Adera, Kairedin Tezera, 2018, Dynamics of Identity Formation and Legal Pluralism : the Case of Customary, State and Religious Dispute Resolutions among the Siltie People, Southern Ethiopia, online publication (PDF).
pub_arthur Arthur, Justice Anquandah, 2018, The Politics of Religious Sound. Conflict and the Negotiation of Religious Diversity in Ghana , Münster: LIT. pub_bock Bock, Stephan, 2018, Translations of Urban Regulation in Relations between Kigali (Rwanda) and Singapore, Münster: LIT.
pub_de_haas De Haas, Ricarda, 2018, Spoken Word Goes Digital. Performance Poetry und Social Media in Harara (Simbabwe) und Johannesburg (Südafrika), Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. pub_dittmann Dittmann, Julia, 2018, Ent-Täuschung des weißen Blicks. Rassismussensible Strategien für eine ideologiekritische Filmanalyse, Münster: edition assemblage.
pub_doumbia Doumbia, Lamine, 2018, Une sécurisation foncière urbaine dans l’impasse, exemple de Bamako, Mali , Berlin: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.   Kimani, Rose Nyakio, 2018, Kenyan Community Radio : Players, Production Processes and Participation, online publication (PDF).
pub_koeppen Köppen, Grit, 2018, Performative Künste in Äthiopien. Internationale Kulturbeziehungen und postkoloniale Artikulationen , Göttingen: Cuvillier Verlag.   Mbaye, Aminata, 2018, Les discours sur l’homosexualité au Sénégal : L’analyse d’une lutte représentationnelle, online publication (PDF).
pub_mekonnen Mekonnen, Mulugeta Bezabih, 2081, Transnational Migration-Development Nexus. The Engagement of Ethiopian Diaspora Associations Based in Germany , Münster: LIT. pub_nganga Nganga, Simon Wanjala, 2018, The Funeral Performances among the Bukusu of Kenya: A Contribution to Communicative Genre Analysis, Münster: LIT.
pub_ngawa Ngawa Mbaho, Carline Liliane, 2018, La vente de produits de santé dans les cars interurbains au Cameroun. Une analyse interactionelle, Münster: LIT. pub_nicoue Nicoué, Délia Evelyne, 2018, Migrations et Savoirs : Stations, itinéraires et périples, de l'apprentissage sur le parcours migratoire entre l'Éthiopie et Allemagne , Paris, L'Harmattan.
pub_otundo Otundo, Billian Khalayi, 2018, Exploring Ethnically-Marked Varieties of Kenyan English, Münster: LIT.   Solitoke, Essoham, 2018, L’usage des mémoires et discours dans les pratiques de légitimation : Le cas de l’autorité locale chez les Lokpa du Nord‐Bénin et chez les Lokpa et Lama du Nord‐Togo (1898‐2010), online publication (PDF).
pub_ungruhe Ungruhe, Christian, 2018, Lasten tragen, Moderne befördern. Wanderarbeit, Jugend, Erwachsenwerden und ihre geschlechtsspezifischen Differenzierungen in Ghana , Münster: LIT.    


pub_abdalla Abdalla, Salma Mohamed Abdalmunim, 2017, Charity Drops. Water Provision and the Politics of the Zakat Chamber in Khartoum, Sudan, Münster: LIT.   Chembea, Suleiman Athuman, 2017, Competing and Conflicting Power Dynamics in Waqfs in Kenya, 1900-2010, online publication (PDF).
pub_dahlmanns Dahlmanns, Erika, 2017, Die Einheit der Kinder Gihangas. Kulturelle Dynamiken und politsiche Fiktionen der Neugestaltung von Gemeinschaft in Ruanda, Leiden, Boston, Singapore, Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink. pub_donsomsakulkij Donsomsakulkij, Weeraya, 2017, Towards A South African Literary Post-Pastoralism, Münster: edition assemblage.
pub_firsching Firsching, Henrike, 2017, Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver as a Word Spoken at the Right Time. The Translation of Biblical Mataphors in Hausa and Swahili, Münster: LIT. pub_gebauer Gebauer, Claudia, 2017, Changing Climates: Translating Adaptation in/to Rwanda, Münster: LIT.
  Igwe, Leo, 2017, The Witch is not a Witch: The Dynamics and Contestations of Witchcraft Accusations in Northern Ghana, online publication (PDF).   Mkumbukwa, Abdallah R., 2017, The History of Use and Conservation of Marine Resources in Zanzibar: Nineteenth Century to the Present, online publication (PDF).
pub_mohammed Mohammed, Bakheit M. Nur, 2017, The Religious Men in Jebel Marra. The Process of Learning and the Performance of Islamic Rituals and Practices, Münster: LIT. pub_ndogo Ndi, Gilbert Shang, 2017, State/Society. Narrating Transformations in Selected African Novels, Münster: LIT.
pub_owino Owino, Robert, 2017, Trans-Boundary Resource Cooperation in the Lake Victoria Bay: An International Environmental Law Perspective, Nairobi: LawAfrica.   Riahi, Idris, 2017, The Modernity of Witchcraft in the Ghanaian Online Setting, online publication (PDF).
pub_sabbi Sabbi, Matthew, 2017, Local State Institutional Reforms in Ghana, Baden-Baden: Nomos. pub_vierke Umlauf, Rene, 2017, Mobile Labore. Zur Diagnose und Organisation von Malaria in Uganda, Bielefeld: transcript.
pub_woldegiorgis Woldegiorgis, Emnet, 2017, Regionalization of Higher Education in Africa. The Operationalization of the African Union Higher Education Harmonization Strategy, Münster: LIT.    


pub_alemu Alemu, Girum G., 2016, Managing Risk and Securing Livelihood. The Karrayu Pastoralists, their Environment and the Ethiopian State, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. pub_araujo Araújo, Paulo Jeferson Pilar, 2016, Possessivos e seus Domínios Conceituais. Enfoque sobre as línguas do grupo banto, Rio de Janeiro: Publit.
  Baiyewu, Timothy, 2016, The Transformation of Aladura Christianity in Nigeria, online publication (PDF). pub_bakhit Bakhit, Mohamed A. G., 2016, Identity and Lifestyle Construction in Multi-ethnic Shantytowns, Münster: LIT.
  Bonkat, Lohna, 2016, Surviving in a conflict Environment: Market Women and Changing socioeconomic Relations in Jos Nigeria – 2001-2010, online publication (PDF). pub_borszik Borszik, Anne-Kristin, 2016, Dispute Settlement in Eastern Guinea-Bissau. Self-Presentations, Stories and Agency, Münster: LIT.
  Chepngetich, Pamela, 2016, Spectacles of Displacement. Institutional and Vernacular Photography on Refugees in Dadaab, North-Eastern Kenya, online publication (PDF). pub_daniel Daniel, Antje, 2016, Organisation - Vernetzung - Bewegung. Frauenbewegungen in Kenia und Brasilien, Münster: LIT.
pub_debelo Debelo, Asebe Regassa, 2016, Wilderness or Home? Conflicts, Competing Perspectives and Claims of Entitlement over Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia, Münster: LIT. pub_fantaw Fantaw, Setargew Kenaw, 2016, Technology-Culture Dialogue: Cultural and Sociotechnical Appropriation of Mobile Phones in Ethiopia, Münster: LIT.
pub_haeberlein Häberlein, Tabea, 2016, Generationen-Bande. Ordnung, Praxis und Geschichte der Generationenbeziehungen bei den Lama (Kabiyé) im nördlichen Togo, Münster: LIT.   Hailu, Aychegrew H., 2016, Towards a History of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Ethiopia since the 1960s, online publication (PDF).
  Kiragu, Serah, 2016, Undeveloped Adaptation: Climate Risks, Vulnerability and Household Well-Being in Mwingi/Kenya, online publication (PDF). pub_koto Koto, Marc, 2016, L'environnementalisme en Afrique francophone. La representation de l'environnement, Göttingen: Cuvillier Verlag.
  Kozi, Bonson Marie Laure, 2016, Description comparative des langues du sous-groupe Bia Nord: agni, baule, anufo, online publication (PDF). pub_kuhn Kuhn, Tobias, 2016, Die Ordnung hinter der Ordnung. Etnographie einer islamischen Geheimwissenschaft, Münster: LIT.
  Lar, Jimam, 2016, Vigilantism, State, and Society in Plateau State, Nigeria: A History of Plural Policing (1950 to the present), online publication (PDF). pub_ndogo Ndogo, Samuel, 2016, Narrating the Self and Nation in Kenyan Autobiographical Writings, Münster: LIT.
pub_oldenburg Oldenburg, Silke, 2016, À Goma on sait jamais. Jugend im ganz normalen Ausnahmezustand in Goma, DR Kongo, Münster: LIT. pub_omanga Omanga, Duncan Mainye, 2016, The Media and Terrorism. Editorial Cartoons, Framing and Legitimacy in the Kenyan Press, 1998-2008, Münster: LIT.
pub_rudic Rudic, Christiane, 2016, Housing Finance Strategies of Informal Settlement Dwellers. Factors of Influence and Impacts of Planned Interventions in Dar es Salaam, Münster: LIT. pub_scheffler Scheffler, Jennifer, 2016, Ethnotourismus in der Kalahari, Münster: LIT.
pub_siegert Siegert, Nadine, 2016, (Re)Mapping Luanda. Utopische und nostalgische Zugänge zu einem kollektiven Bildarchiv, Münster: LIT. pub_turner Turner, Irina, 2016, The State of the nation. “Businification” of Political Rhetoric in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Münster: LIT.
pub_wijngaarden Wijngaarden, Vanessa, 2016, Dynamics behind Persistent Images if “the Other”: The Interplay between Imaginations and Interactions in Maasai Cultural Tourism, Münster: LIT.    


pub_bello_b Bello, Baba Mai, 2015, The Perception of HIV/AIDS among Students in Northeastern Nigeria, Münster: LIT. pub_bello_s Bello, Sakinatou, 2015, La traite des enfants en Afrique : L‘application des conventions internationales relatives aux droits de l‘enfant en République du Bénin, Paris: L'Harmattan.
  Bloemertz, Lena, 2015, Society and Nature in the Lower River Nyando Basin, Kenya, online publication (PDF).   Brinkmann, Felix, 2015, Kleinhandel unter schwierigen institutionellen Voraussetzungen – Reaktionen, Strategien und Lösungen der Händler auf dem Chisokone-Markt in Kitwe/Sambia, online publication (PDF).
pub_coulibaly Coulibaly, Nonlourou Marie Paule Natogoma, 2015, Logiques sociales de la solidarité envers les personnes vivant avec le VIH, Göttingen: Cuvillier. pub_el-naggare El Naggare, Maroua, 2015, Traces d’enfance : Analyse littéraire de trois recueils francophones de récits d’enfance, München: AVM. Edition.
pub_eresso Eresso, Meron Zeleke, 2015, Faith at the Crossroads: Religious Syncretism and dispute settlement in Northern Ethiopia, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag. pub_fink Fink, Katharina, 2015, Un/doing Sophiatown: Contemporary Reverberations of a Myth and in a Suburb, Bayreuth: himmelgrün.
pub_flosbach Flosbach, Johannes, 2015, Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Ghana and Uganda: Development and Application of the Achievement Stages Model, Münster: LIT.   Geda, Gemechu J., 2015, Pilgrimages and Syncretism: Religious Transformation Among The Arsi Oromo of Ethiopia, online publication (PDF).
pub_kagoro Kagoro, Jude, 2015, Militarization in Post-1986 Uganda: Politics, Military and Society Interpretation, Münster: LIT. pub_kroeker Kroeker, Lena, 2015, In between Life and Death: Decision-making of HIV+ Mothers in Lesotho, Münster: LIT.
  Marowa, Ivan, 2015, Forced Removal and Social Memories in North-western Zimbabwe, c1900-2000, online publication (PDF). pub_narh Narh, Peter, 2015, Institutional interaction in environmental governance: A study on teak farming and sand winning in Dormaa, Ghana, Göttingen: Cuvillier.
  Nrenzah, Genevieve, 2015, Modernizing Indigenous Priesthood and Revitalizing Old Shrines: Current Developments on Ghana’s Religious Landscape, online publication (PDF). pub_traore Traoré, Daouda, 2015, Le senar (lange senufo du Burkina Faso): éléments de description et d’influence du jula véhiculaire dans un contexte de contact de langues, Göttingen: Cuvillier.


pub_bakpa Bakpa, Mimboabe, 2014, Etude du ngbem, parler gangam de Koumongou, Münster: LIT. pub_boger Boger, Julia, 2014, The job hunt: Return migration and labour market entries of Ghanaian and Cameroonian graduates from German universities, Wien: World University Service.
pub_brahima Brahima, Abraham, 2014, L’intraduisible en question : Problématique linguistique africaine et décolonisation conceptuelle, une lecture critique, Göttingen: Cuvillier. pub_kastner Kastner, Kristin, 2014, Zwischen Suffering und Styling: Die lange Reise nigerianischer Migrantinnen nach Europa, Münster: LIT.
pub_morisho Morisho, Nene, 2014, A New Institutional Economics Approach to Smuggling, Bayreuth: NMP-Verlag. pub_ndong Ndong, Louis, 2014, Kulturtransfer in der Übersetzung von Literatur und Film. Sembène Ousmanes Novelle Niiwam und deren Verfilmung Niiwam. Der lange Weg, Göttingen: Cuvillier.
  Ng'atigwa, Francis Xavier, 2014, The Media in Society: Religious Radio Stations, Socio-Religious Discourse and National Cohesion in Tanzania, online publication (PDF). pub_tchokothe Tchokothe, Rémi, 2014, Transgression in Swahili Narrative Fiction and its Reception, Münster: LIT.
  Wafula, Magdaline Nakhumicha, 2014, Narrative Voice and Focalization in the Narration of Generational Conflicts in Selected Kiswahili Novels, online publication (PDF).   Wario Halkano Abdi, 2014, Networking the Nomads: A Study of Tablīghī Jamāʿat among the Borana of Northern Kenya, online publication (PDF).


  Ben Amara, Ramzi, 2013, The Izala Movement in Nigeria: Its Split, Relationship to Sufis and Perception of Sharīʿa Re-Implementation, online publication (PDF).   Danfulani, Chikas, 2013, The Re-implementation of Sharia in Northern Nigeria and the Education of Muslim Women 1999-2007, online publication (PDF).


pub_badi Badi, Dida, 2012, Les Touaregs du Tassili n Ajjer : Mémoires collective et organisation sociale, Algier: CNRPAH.    


pub_dodounou Dodounou, Tsevi, 2011, Le Mythe de l’Abinos dans les Récits Subsahariens Francophones, Münster: LIT. pub_megento Megento, Tebarek Lika, 2011, Inter-firm Relationships and Governance Structures: A study of the Ethiopian leather and leather products industry value chain, Münster: LIT.
pub_vierke Vierke, Clarissa, 2011, On the Poetics of the Utendi: A Critical Edition of the Nineteenth-Century Swahili Poem “Utendi wa Haudaji” together with a Stylistic Analysis, Münster: LIT.    


pub_bochow Bochow, Astrid, 2010, Intimität und Sexualität vor der Ehe. Gespräche über Ungesagtes in Kumasi und Endwa, Ghana, Münster: LIT.   Jaji, Rosemary, 2010, Refugee women and the experiences of local integration in Nairobi, Kenya, online publication (PDF).
pub_nyada Nyada, Germain, 2010, Kindheit, Autobiografik und Inter-kulturalität. Ein Beitrag zur sprachüber-greifenden und (kon-) textorientierten Literaturtheorie, Münster: LIT.    


pub_boukari Boukari, Oumarou, 2009, Articulation du discours dans le Songhay : Une analyse des connecteurs dans le discours des Songhay-Zarmas émigrés en Côte d’Ivoire, Münster: LIT.    



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