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We would like to give pupils the chance to learn about Africa in an extraordinary and interactive way. If you are a teacher and interested in Afrika@school please do not hesitate to contact our Junior Fellow Hanza Diman.

The porject BIGSAS@school was established in 2012. It offered the great possibility of a knowledge transfer from experts in the field of African Studies to the society. It brought together doctoral students from all parts of the world and German pupils of all ages to discuss about Africa.

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The importance of this project grounds in the structures and contents of German textbooks. In many cases, the given information about Africa is one-sided and foremost deals with topics like poverty, famine, war and diseases. Another problem is the stipulated curriculum in Germany leaving few chances to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes about Africa and Africans. Often, Africa is perceived as one country whereas it is a continent of more than 50 countries.

BIGSAS engaged to change those views and to correct false information. It also aimed at the extension of accurate knowledge about Africa among pupils. Thus, BIGSAS Junior Fellows regularly visited school classes in primary and high schools to share experiences from their home country or their research stays in Africa. After a short introduction of the participants and their home countries pupils had the possibility to ask questions and discuss with Junior Fellows. Evaluation forms could be filled in afterwards in order to document the event and to give feedback and tips.

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BIGSAS has been cooperating with the Markgräfin-Wilhelmine-Gymnasium in Bayreuth since 2012. In the years 2013/2014 BIGSAS@school supported the P-Seminar “Afrika in Bayreuth” which culminated in the organisation of a project and presentation day. Further meetings took place at the Graf-Münster-Gymnasium and the Grundschule Herzoghöhe in Bayreuth as well as the Franz-Ludwig-Gymnasium Bamberg, Gymnasium Ernestinum Coburg and Staatliche Gesamtschule Hollfeld.

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