BIGSAS FC, the Junior Fellows, Senior Fellows and friends of BIGSAS men's team, was officially created in 2011, and has since been involved in a number of competitions. The women's BIGSAS FC team has also been active, being a great attraction in the Hofgarten where they regularly train on Sundays. Though we label the teams as men's and women's, the teams very often are indeed mixed, a solid take-off point of BIGSAS' Gender and Diversity Programme.

BIGSAS FC takes part in the Wilde Liga football league organised by the City of Bayreuth. In 2012, we played in the first division of the league against nine other teams and finished sixth on the league table. Since then, our trophy shelf is gradually growing.

Our colours are orange and green both representing our positive disposition for the future and our love for an ever-green planet earth. There is always space for new members in the teams: we, therefore, invite friends of BIGSAS, to join us.

The team is coordinated by PD Dr. Eric Anchimbe, Gender and Diversity Representative of BIGSAS.


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Table of success



AKWABA football tournament, Nuremberg

4th place


Wilde Liga Bayreuth, 3. Liga A

2nd place


Post SV Hallenturnier

8th place


Friendly match with the Police Department of Upper Franconia



Interkultureller Doppelpass, University of Bayreuth



Wilde Liga Bayreuth, first division

6th place



facebook or team captain Hanza Diman (hanza.diman(at)



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