Dr. Irina Turner


E-Mail: irina.turner@uni-bayreuth.de

Completed Project

Businified Political Discourse on the State of the South African Nation: A Dialogue between Presidential Speeches and Newspaper Reports


This PHD project was published and is available at the website of LIT Verlag:


turnerVia the idea of businification - a neologism describing the infiltration of business ideology into political and media texts -, this book traces the shift towards neo-liberalism in post-apartheid South Africa through the rhetorical gestures of the country's political narrators.

In an application of Critical Discourse and Content Analysis, it examines linguistic changes within the corpus of the annually recurring State-of-the-Nation-Address from 1994 to 2012.

This analysis is a contribution to research on business language from a non-Western perspective. Its interdisciplinary approach is of interest to researchers of South African political history, African Studies, Media Studies, and Sociolinguistics.