Dr. Vanessa Wijngaarden


E-Mail: vanessa.wijngaarden@uni-bayreuth.de

Completed Project

Persistent images of "the other" in cultural tourism: The interplay between Maasai's and tourists' imaginations and their face-to-face interactions


This PHD project was published and is available at the website of LIT Verlag:


wijngaardenIn tourism, strangers meet face to face. What do Tanzanian Maasai and Western tourists think when they meet? Using a combination of methods that has never been tried before, either in anthropology in general or in the field of tourism studies, this work provides novel theoretical insights into the images hosts and guests have of each other, and how their views relate to the interactions they experience. This compelling reflexive study uses video and Q method to contribute to the epistemology of anthropological research in tourism settings and the construction of a new, more symmetrical anthropology.




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