maia schellenberg

Dandara Maia Schellenberg

Junior Fellow


Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
University of Bayreuth

95440 Bayreuth


Current Project

Wax Prints: Fashion and Visual Agency in Brazil and Nigeria

Research interests:

Wax prints textiles, uses of African textiles in diasporic countries, relation between fashion and arts dealing with ethnic issues, Nigerian contemporary fashion, transculturation, material culture

Geographical area:

Nigeria, Brazil

Academic Vita

Since October 2019

Doctoral fellow at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS)


Master of Arts: Visual Arts, Design, Image, and Culture, Wax Hollandais: African Prints as a Political Tool of the Afro-Brazilian Identity. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil


Certificate Program in Textile Print, Center for Technology of the Chemical and Textile Industry, Brazil


Bachelor in Fashion Design: The Margaret Mee's Flowers. How to develop more sustainable fashion collections, Center for Technology of the Chemical and Textile Industry, Brazil

Paper Presentations

2007 "Ethnicity on prints: African prints as ethnical tools" (2007) - Iberian Congress of Semiotics (Congresso Ibérico de Semiótica) - Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Wax hollandais as an ethnic object" (2007) - Fashion Coloquium (Colóquio de Moda) - Bauru, Brazil
2007 “Ethnicity and fashion consumption: African prints as a political statment" (2007) - National History Simposium (Simpósio Nacional de História) - Brasília, Brazil
2007 "Wax hollandais african print: visual analysis to determine a style" (2007) - Fashion Documenta Congress (Moda Documenta) - São Paulo, Brazil
2007 "Wax hollandais: A case study of fashion consumption and ethnic identity" (2007). Paper presented at the International Meeting of Image Studies (Encontro Internacional de Estudos da Imagem) - Londrina, Brazil

Conference Organisation


"Representations of black people on Brazilian cultural industry", Workshop at the secondary school Escola Técnica Estadual de Santa Cruz – FAETEC, Brazil


“Políticas Incendiárias” - Annual meeting of Researchers of Visual Arts of Rio de Janeiro, Centro Municipal de Arte Helio Oiticica, Brazil


Maia Schellenberg, Dandara (2019). Political dressing: wax hollandais as ethnic tools of afro-Brazilian identity affirmation. Revista Dobras 11 (25). 144-163.