Principal Investigators

The Principal Investigators, PI, are members of BIGSAS and are experts in the field of African Studies and can thus guide and support their doctoral students in an excellent manner.

Alber, Erdmute Social Anthropology
Anchimbe, Eric English Linguistics
Arndt, Susan English and Anglophone Literatures
Azarian, Viviane Francophone Literatures, Cultures and Media in Africa
Behrends, Andrea Anthropology
Beisel, Ulrike Culture and Technology in Africa
Doevenspeck, Martin Geography
Drescher, Martina Romance & General Linguistics
Fendler, Ute Francophone Literatures, Cultures and Media in Africa
Glasman, Joël History of Africa
Hönke, Jana Sociology in Africa
Ibriszimow, Dymitr African Linguistics
Kaime, Thokozani African Legal Studies
Kogelmann, Franz Islamic Studies
Lohnert, Beate Geography
Mühleisen, Susanne English Linguistics
Ritzer, Ivo Media in Africa
Rothfuß, Eberhard Geography
Schramm, Katharina Anthropology
Seesemann, Rüdiger Islamic Studies
Serreli, Valentina Arabic Linguistics
Sommer, Gabriele African Linguistics
Spies, Eva Study of Religion
Stroh-Steckelberg, Alexander African Politics and Development Policy
Vierke, Clarissa Literatures in African Languages
Vierke, Ulf Arts in Africa