Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sommer


Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
University of Bayreuth

95440 Bayreuth

+49 (0) 921 55-3557 (phone)

+49 (0) 921 55-3641 (fax)


Research Interests

areal linguistics, contact linguistics, languages and societies in Africa

Geographical Area

southern Africa (Bantu, Khoisan), north-eastern Africa (Afroasiatic, Nilosaharan)

Supervised Junior Fellows and their Research Projects

Junior Fellow

Research Project

Esene Agwara, Angiachi Demetris

Assessing Rural Multilingualism in Lower Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon

Former Supervisions (non-exhaustive)

Former Junior Fellow

Research Project

Kamdem, Eliane

Tense-Aspect Categories and Standard Negation in Five Bamileke Languages of Cameroon: A Descriptive and Comparative Study

de Haas, Ricarda

Spoken Word Goes Digital. Performance Poetry und Social Media in Harare (SIMBABWE) und Johannesburg (SÜDAFRIKA). Eine gendersensible Analyse.

Boutché, Jean

Fula spoken in the city of Maroua (Northern Cameroon). A sociolinguistic insight into its use by non-ethnic speakers

Academic Vita

since 2008

Professor of African Linguistics (Chair of African Linguistics I, Niger Congo), University of Bayreuth


Habilitation in Bayreuth


Guest Lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, Lomonossov State University Moscow


Research Fellow at the SFB 389, University of Cologne


Research Fellow at the Institute of African Linguistics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt a.M.


PhD in Bayreuth


Research Fellow at the Institute of African Linguistics, University of Cologne


Studies in Marburg, Cologne and Bayreuth


Membership and functions in academic organisations


Bi-national research project (DFG) on language contacts (Sahel/Sudan regions)


Coordination of the MA programme African Language Studies, University of Bayreuth


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