Dr. Clarissa Vierke


Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
University of Bayreuth

95440 Bayreuth

+49 (0) 921 55-3550 (phone)

Email: clarissa.vierke@uni-bayreuth.de

Research interests

Swahili literature and popular culture, poetics/rhetoric, manuscript cultures, orality and literacy, Swahili intellectual history, Literature in multilingual contexts, african history of science

Geographical Area

Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania


Supervised Junior Fellows and their Research Projects

Junior Fellow

Research Project

Tarrant, Duncan

Zanzibari Poetic Imaginaries: Across the Indian Ocean from Muscat to Stonetown

Adjirakor, Nikitta

Bongo Fleva and Spoken Word as Aesthetic Practices in Tanzania: Form, Experience and Relation to Lifeworlds

Ajayi, Oladapo

Fuji Lyrics and Everyday life in the Contemporary Yoruba Urban Space

Minerba, Emiliano

Historical-comparative analysis of the Swahili and Wolof metrical systems

Former Supervisions (non-exhaustive)

Former Junior Fellow

Research Project

Raia, Annachiara

The Utendi wa Yusufu. A Critical Edition of the Swahili Poem of Yusuf and a Study of its Adaptation at the Swahili Coast.

Academic Vita

since 2014

Professor for African Linguistics


Winner of the Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz-Preis of the German Research Foundation (DFG)


PhD at BIGSAS, University of Bayreuth


African Studies, Anthropology and African Linguistics at the University of Bayreuth and Leiden University