Africa and the Communist Countries 1945-1991

Seminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 55503


Mittwoch, 16-18;


This course will be given by Dr. Constantin Katsakioris

This seminar will revisit one of the most important chapters of the global Cold War: the relations between Africa and the communist countries (USSR, East Germany, China, Cuba, etc.). In the first sessions, we will establish the broader picture, focus on key developments, and highlight the stakes. Thereafter, we will dig deeper on more specific topics, including assistance to liberation movements, economic cooperation, educational aid, or arts. Seminar work may be submitted in English as well as in German.

Given the current situation, this course will probably be given digitally. Please get in touch with the lecturer as soon as possible and, where applicable, register in E-Learning and CampusOnline.