African Intellectuals: On Revolution, Culture, Unity, and Democracy

Seminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 55502


Donnerstag, 16-18;

This course will be given by Dr. Constantin Katsakioris

What is the theory of négritude of Léopold Senghor? How does it differ from the négritude of Aimé Césaire? Which is the argument of the historian Cheikh Anta Diop with regards to Ancient Egypt and what is at stake? How did these intellectuals imagine the future of Africa and the African Diaspora? Was Frantz Fanon a humanist or a proponent of violence? Which is The Weapon of Theory of Amilcar Cabral? In this seminar we will read and discuss major texts of African intellectuals. Our aims will be to: (a) analyze their arguments and replace them in their historical context, (b) understand the objectives behind the arguments, (c) and become familiar with some of the most important intellectual currents in contemporary Africa. Readings will be available in both English and French. Students who have to take a course with French sources will be given assignments only in French.

Given the current situation, this course will probably be given digitally. Please get in touch with the lecturer as soon as possible and, where applicable, register in E-Learning and CampusOnline.