Die Arabistik und die Soziolinguistik (Arabic and Sociolinguistics)

Hauptseminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 00068


Jonathan Owens

This course is "diglossic" like Arabic itself. The first part of the course will treat major themes in general variationist Sociolinguistics, beginning with Fisher (1958) and Labov (1963). The second part will develop a critical account of Arabic Sociolinguistics, beginning with Abdel-Jawad (1981), Ibrahim (1986) and Holes (1987). Particular attention will be given to three points: (1) a descriptive account of what has been done in Arabic Sociolinguistics (2) how the social context of Arabic differs from western, particularly English-speaking countries and how this relates to the variationist profile of Arabic (3) methodological and theoretical developments in contemporary Sociolinguistics which have not (yet) had a significant impact in Arabic Sociolinguistics Literature list will follow.

Appointment times have not been fixed yet. Please get in touch with the lecturer via Email as soon as possible if you are interested in taking the course. Knowledge of Arabic is required.