Introduction into Yoruba Language

Seminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 40238


Freitag, 10-12;


Dymitr Ibriszimow; Lena Naumann

Yoruba is a tonal language, which belongs to the Niger-Congo linguistic phylum. Over 40 million people, mainly in South West, North Central and Mid-West Nigeria and East and Central Benin, speak it. Versions of it are also spoken in Bahia, Brazil and some Caribbean Islands. Yoruba is the Niger-Congo language with the largest number of native speakers. As a starting point, the seminar offers an introduction into the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. In the summer term, we are expecting a guest scholar from the University of Florida, Dr Kole Ade Odutola, who is a Yoruba native speaker, a teacher of the Yoruba language and a scholar working on different aspects of the Yoruba culture. We shall use this unique opportunity and involve Dr Odutola in our course not only as a linguist but also as a specialist in diverse Yoruba creative expressions. For this, we shall use the well-known collection of Yoruba pieces of art at Iwalewa House and try to analyse those, in which language and art expression come together.

Given the current situation, this course will probably be given digitally. Please get in touch with the lecturer as soon as possible and, where applicable, register in E-Learning and CampusOnline.