Proseminar Literary Studies (Introduction to Transcultural Studies)

Hauptseminar, SWS: 4, lecture number: 4112F


Freitag, 12-15;


Susan Arndt

This course aims at introducing students to the field of transcultural studies. Concepts such as culture, identity, position, belonging in the context of migration and diaspora and as caused by processes of globalisation and cultural encounters and entanglements are at the fore. These concepts will be mobilised for a literary analysis of Audre Lorde’s “Litany for Survival, Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Philipp Khabo Koepsell’s Die Akte James Knopf. Writing in different academic formats is practiced throughout the course.

Given the current situation, this course will probably be given digitally. Please get in touch with the lecturer as soon as possible and register in E-Learning (Password: futureS).