Advanced Seminar Linguistics (Mediated communication online)

Hauptseminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 41164


Dienstag, 14-16; 0.25 S101, FAN A


Eric Anchimbe

This course aims to describe the methodological, theoretical and analytical frameworks and approaches used in mediated communication research so far. These include sociological, sociolinguistic, pragmatic, empirical, forensic, conversational & discourse analytic, cultural, etc. approaches. Important here is how these approaches answer questions such as: how is communication carried out in computer mediated situations online? What is the function of the medium in: 1) the ways people pass on messages, i.e. communicate, 2) keep communion, i.e. stay in contact, 3) construct communities of practice, i.e. shared values and features, and 4) how language is a central factor in all these communications and communities.