Theories of Culture

Seminar, SWS: 2, lecture number: 54041


Dienstag, 14-16; 0.05.3 S132, NW III

Zoanni, Tyler

In this seminar we explore anthropological notions of “culture” and “society,” considering both the historical development and theoretical potential (and limits) of these notions. We begin with early field-defining efforts. We then consider key subsequent paradigms and debates, including functionalism, structuralism, symbolic anthropology, political-economic and Marxist approaches, feminist anthropology, globalization, and the so-called crisis of representation. The conclusion of the course will take up some more recent debates about ethics, ontology, more-than-human others, and decolonizing knowledge. Seminar participants are encouraged to undertake research and offer presentations that develop their own interests in dialogue with the seminar themes.

Hausarbeiten und Präsentationen in deutscher Sprache sind willkommen.