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Lepratti, Lucilla

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Lucilla Lepratti

Research Interests:

Antimafia, Borders, Work, Gender

Geographical Area:

Italy, Mediterranean

Current Project:

Anti-trafficking as antimafia: Campaigns against human trafficking in Palermo

My proposed research deals with campaigns against human trafficking in Italy, with a focus on Palermo, their relationship to antimafia alliances, their strategies and practices and the discourses they (re)produce. I aim to study these campaigns and their connection with the antimafia movement, to understand how legality, criminality, victimhood and other related notions are contested in these alliances, and how historical, economic and political layers both constrict and enable different possibilities for actions and relations. This project asks how and by what anti-trafficking campaigners are influenced in their narratives, decisions and actions as to which principles, to abide by, and thereby wants to reveal how people conceive of, call for and enact social change between the grassroots and the state.


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