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Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies - BIGSAS

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Seyni Mamoudou, Ibrahim

Research Interests:

Religious Plurality, Multiculturalism, Peace Building

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Current Project:

Gouvernance de la pluralité religieuse au Niger : rôles des associations interreligieuses

Inter-religious activities represent a place of encounter between people who may or may not belong to the same religious tradition, and offer an opportunity to observe the interactions that occur. Set up in Niger by NGOs, these inter-religious associations are mainly involved in promoting peaceful cohabitation and conflict prevention. These associations operate throughout the country to the point where the State is trying to make them a tool for the management of religious plurality through inter and intra religious dialogue.

What do these associations tell us about the transformations of the Nigerien religious landscape resulting from the new religious situation and the ways of managing the plurality that it induces? As part of a socio-anthropology of religion, this research aims to show how religious differences are mobilised in the service of living together, as well as the challenges that this initiative faces.


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