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Coburger, Carla Maria (Junior Fellow Representative for the Junior Fellows in Cluster Projects)

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Carla Maria Coburger

Research Interests:

International Financial Networks, Financial Subordinate Integration, Complexity Economics, International Political Economy

Current Project:

Financial Subordination and Economic Complexity

​My PhD concerns the relationship between financial subordination in West Africa – consisting of a complex web of currency hierarchies and weak national banking sector, a high degree of foreign denominated debt, and a detached bank-firm relation - and the lack of diversification and long-term stagnation in product complexity. I will analyze the long-term development of financial structures and industrialization in West Africa with particular focus on Senegal and Nigeria during the colonial period and today. Therefore, I will contribute to the literature on persistency in Political Economy, Development Studies and Complexity Economics. My dissertation will consist of three papers that explore the relationship between financial subordination and economic complexity.


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