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Gyan, Augustine

Augustine Gyan

Research Interests:

Extractive sector; Digital activism; ‘Weapons of the weak’; Sustainable mining; Mining governance;

Geographical Area:


Current Project

Digital Activism, ‘Hidden Transcripts’, and Socio-cultural Transformation in Gold-Mining Communities in Ghana

Brief Description of current project:

Economic and environmental impacts of mining operations have featured prominently in mining research, yet subtle forms of violence and socio-cultural transformations inherent in mineral extraction processes have not received serious academic attention. By employing place-making and resource materiality notions, political ecology approach and ‘hidden transcripts’ or ‘the weapons of the weak’ perspective, this project aims to uncover subtle and covert forms of resistance employed by ‘weaker social groups’ living in or near mining communities to protect their interest against dire impacts of mining operations. Medium of expression of public concerns and expectations on gold mining has expanded beyond physical or direct interactions to include virtual platforms and audio-visual aids to ensure a more result-oriented activism or advocacy, especially given unbridled socio-economic misery, cultural erosion and environmental degradation associated with gold mining spree in developing nations. This project therefore explores the use and interrelatedness of both non-digital (hidden transcript) and digital forms of activism in order to compare their relative efficacy in shaping the governance of mineral resource extraction in mining communities in protesting against mining companies and whether these techniques or technology create the critical frame to protect their interest.



  • 2017-2018  Small Scale mining and its impacts on Rural Livelihoods and Health in Prestea, Ghana: LINK
  • 2015-2016 Conditions and Identities of Young Migrant Workers in the City: An ethnographic study of Street Children in Kumasi, Ghana: LINK


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