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Jaschek, ​Saskia

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Saskia Jaschek

Research Interests:

Political Subjectivization, Narratives and Identities of Social Movements, Dynamics of Street Protests, Practices of Resistance

Geographical Area:


Current Project:

What Makes for a Revolution? Subjecitivizations of Resistance in Sudan’s December Revolution

I ask the question how, after the oppressive reign of 30 years of dictatorship in the Sudan, which was in the Arendtian sense totalitarian, a revolution evolved. I want to make understandable the emergence of resistant political subjects following an interpretative paradigm and examine how this is related to revolutionary practices of self-empowerment. Using an ethnographic research design complemented by a discourse-analytical approach, I study how the first riots developed and how, through the use of specific social practices, a political space of appearance was created.

It is my goal to uncover the new identities, attributions and narratives that were created within those practices and how they influenced the processes of political subjectivization. In this regard, the meaning of space and matter, especially the matter of the body, take a central role in my analysis of those practices. I want to examine which political spaces were newly created, appropriated and interpreted through the physical appropriation of space.

This project is supposed to make an empirical contribution to the understanding of impulses leading to protests, their intersubjective dynamics and the diverse practices of this enactment. I want to contribute to the analyses of street protests, the role of embodied togetherness and the meaning of reclaiming public space.


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