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Jima, ​Kingsley Celestine

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Kingsley Celestine Jima

Research Interests:

Politics and International Relations, Diplomacy, Journalism, Political Conflicts, Politics and Policies Integration, Global Studies

Geographical Area:


Current Project:

Politics of the Unknown Gunmen: Television Reporting on Banditry in North-west Nigeria

This study aims at unravelling the ‘mystery’ behind the media usage of the phrase ‘unknown gunmen.’ My research fundamentally seeks to address the question of why the vague phrase ‘unknown gunmen’ is predominantly used by Nigeria’s major television houses. There is hardly any prior research on the factual or journalistic (re)presentation by television houses in Nigeria, regarding their use of the nomenclature ‘unknown gunmen’ in addressing the multiple violent attacks in the North-west. My research focuses on the theories of framing and the ideal of objectivity in journalism in relation to the political conspiracy theories that concern the persistent use of the phrase “unknown gunmen” as a generic term used by television houses to describe violent activities in North-west Nigeria. This study would shed light on the complex interrelationship between the phenomena of banditry, media narratives and popular suspicions or conspiracy theories. The idea is to triangulate different kinds of perspectives and information to highlight the ways in which different groups and social categories deal with the complexities of banditry in North-west Nigeria.


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