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Kisakye, Diana ​Byarugaba

BIGSAS Junior fellow Diana Kisakye

Research Interests:

Processes of Regional Integration, Judicial Politics, Politics of Development Negotiations

Current Project:

Judges as agents of regional integration: A relational analysis of judicial networks in African regional courts

Diana is interested in the link between judicial decision-making and processes of regional integration in Africa. Her research project conceptualises judges on regional courts as actors, with agency, who operate within existing configurations of power. Therefore, it adopts a relational approach to investigate how the judges’ diverse relational attributes potentially shape and influence their decision-making, and in turn, how this impacts regional integration processes. Specifically, it examines how regional court judges understand their role in regional integration, probes into what shapes this understanding and traces the judicial networks that matter in advancing regional integration. Possible constraints to judicial power and individual interests that tend to deter regionalisation will also be investigated. The study employs semi-structured interviews to probe judicial relations and Social Network Analysis to analyse the structural properties of these networks.


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