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Otung, Glory Essien

Research Interests:

Intercultural Communication, Pragmatics

Geographical Area:

Southern Cameroons in the defunct British Nigeria (curently Northwest and Southwest Regions of The Republic of Cameroon)

Current Project:

Power and Identity in Colonial Letters: The Case of Southwest Cameroon

British Southern Cameroons was administered by Britain as a League of Nations Trustee Territory. The territory was seized from Germany and handed to Britain as part of WW1 settlements. The then German Kamerun was split between France and Britain, with France taking about 4/5th and Britain the rest, which it called British Southern Cameroons. This research is a critical analysis of the discourse of identity and power in colonial correspondences written between 1916 and 1961 with regards to the then British Southern Cameroons. It aims to identify power and identity categories discussed by the colonised and the colonisers in the archival data collected, the discursive strategies of these authors, and the accompanying social consequences in the colonised regions. The findings will be relevant for understanding how colonial societies worked, how the contact of colonial and non-colonial knowledges, practices and interactions took place, were co-constructed or challenged, and how British colonisation still affects the contemporary Northwest and Southwest regions of the Republic of Cameroon.


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