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Ounour Hassan, Abdallah

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Research Interests:

Migration, gender, artisanal gold mining, ethnicity, conflicts, religious anthropology, the anthropology of death, madness, academia as a Society! And thus as a research topic, social media.

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Current Project:

Assisted migration or human trafficking? Sudan's role in international migration

Sudan has long been a transit point for individuals and groups of the Horn of Africa on their way to North Africa, Europe, or the outside world, but the phenomenon has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, the study focuses on the importance of Sudan as a destination or transit, source area for international migrants, particularly from the countries of the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia), as well as West and Central African States (Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Kenya).( Hassan Abd al-Ati, 2016).

This study will decipher the phenomenon of "Assisted migration or human trafficking" in Sudan by focusing on the five elements ─Assisted migration or human trafficking networks, refugees and victims "or migrants", the local community of border villages, government agencies, and Civil society organizations working on migration.

As an anthropologist, I will proceed to conduct extensive ethnographical fieldwork in Gadarif, Kassala and Red Sea, Khartoum, North Darfur, Northern States of Sudan to establish an empirical foundation for this research. The fieldwork will predominately depend on the qualitative methods of data collection; namely in-depth interviews, group discussions, and observations, in addition to analyzing the content of trials in human trafficking cases and Facebook groups in the study area.

To make use of the collected data, I will employ the qualitative methods of data analysis. In accordance, all interviews and group discussions will be transcribed and categorized to write down my dissertation.


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