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Rohmer, Monika Christine

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Monika Rohmer

Research Interests:

African and Afrophone Literatures, African Languages, Cognitive Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Ecocriticism, Ecolinguistic, Feminisms, Popular Arts (HipHop and Rap), Political Protest, Postcolonialism

Geographical Area:


Current Project:

Towards a Fluid Ecosophy: Conceptualisations of WATER on the Senegalese coast

In my dissertation, I aim to explore the perception of WATER on the Senegalese coast from an ecolinguistic and a double language (comparative and contrastive) perspective. I will explore and compare how the cognitive-semantic domain of WATER is represented in the discourses of Wolof speakers, French speakers of Senegalese origin, and French residents living in the same area.

I aim to answer two sets of questions. The first group of questions is concerned with conceptualisations of WATER, and asks which conceptualisations are shared and which differ among the three groups (Wolof speakers, French speakers of Senegalese origin, and French residents). The second set of questions operates at the level of discourse and aims to explore the consequences of the conceptualisations in regards to perceptions of the environment, including evaluations of change and definitions of problems.


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