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Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies - BIGSAS

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Schneider, Luisa

Research Interests:

African History

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Current Project:

Histories and Memories of Transatlantic Returning

This doctoral research aims to investigate socio-cultural negotiation of the historical narrative surrounding the "Repatriation of 1822" in Liberia and its diaspora through a multi-media lens. Commemorating its 200th anniversary, this national milestone served as a catalyst for reigniting the ongoing public debate about national identity, cultural equity, and historical justice, which unfolds across various discursive spaces including heritage sites, tourism activities, and social media. Distinguished by a range of media and practices, disparate stakeholders perceive, interpret, and utilize this history and its historiography, thereby exerting tangible influence on the political and socio-cultural configurations within Liberia's heritage landscape and broader societal context.


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