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Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies - BIGSAS

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Associated Members of BIGSAS

Dr Mouhamed ABDALLAH LYSociolinguistics
Dr Musa Adam ABDUL-JALILAnthropology and Sociology
Prof. Dr Rowland ABIODUNHistory of Art and Black Studies
Prof. Anne V. ADAMS, PhDAfrican Studies and Comparative Literature
Prof. Dr Hippolyte AMOUZOUVISociology
Prof. Dr Kwabena ASAMOAH-GYADUContemporary African Christianity and Pentecostal/Charismatic Theology
Dr Munzoul A. M. ASSALAnthropology and Sociology
Prof. Dr Kurt BECKAnthropology
Prof. Dr Uli BEISELAnthropogeography
Prof. Dr Kassahun BERHANUPolitical Science
Prof. Dr Ulrich BERNERReligion
Prof. Dr Nene Morisho Mwana BININGOEconomics
Amiel BIZE, PhDAnthropology
Dr Oumarou BOUKARILinguistics
Dr Anna-Maria BRANDSTETTERAnthropology
Dr Peter BRETTInternational Politics
Prof. Dr Sabine BROECKAmerican Cultural Studies / American Literatures and Cultures /Black Diaspora / Gender
Dr Michael BRÜNTRUPAgricultural Economist
Prof. Dr Gabriele CAPPAISociology
Prof. Dr Ijjou CHEIKH MOUSSAPoésie and Rhétorique
Prof. Dr Matthias CHRISTENMedia Studies
Prof. Dr Hilary DANNENBERGEnglish Linguistics
Prof. Dr Thomas DEMMELHUBERPolitical Sciences
Prof. Dr Dereje Feyissa DORILaw and Governance
Dr Magnus ECHTLERReligious Studies
Prof. Dr Yamina EL KIRATHigher Education
Prof. Dr Rachel L. ELLETTPolitical Science
Dr Mastoureh FATHISociology
Dr Jonathan FENDERSONAfrican and African-American Studies
Dr Katharina FINKArt in Africa
Prof. Dr Ann M. FOXEnglish
Dr Raymond FREMPONGDevelopment Economics
Prof. Dr Mechthild GILZMERFrench Studies
Dr Henriette GUNKELVisual Cultures
Dr Tabea HÄBERLEINSocial Anthropology
Dr Valerie HÄNSCHAnthropology
Prof. Emma HUNTERGlobal and African History
Prof. Dr Dymitr IBRISZIMOWAfrican Languages
Prof. Dr Deborah JAMESAnthropology
Prof. Dr Christian JUNGEArabic Studies
Prof. Dr Mayke KAAGAnthropology of Islam in Africa
Prof. Dr Ng'wanza KAMATAPolitical Sciences
Prof. Dr Said KHAMISAfrican Languages
Dr Ludovic Ouhonyioué KIBORAAnthropology and Sociology
Prof. Dr Debra L. KLEINAnthropology
Prof. Dr Georg KLUTESocial Anthropology
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Christian KRAVAGNAPostcolonial Studies
Prof. Dr P. Pratap KUMARHinduism and Comparative Religion Studies
Dr Ingrid Harvold KVANGRAVENDevelopment Economics
Dr Monia LACHHEBSociology
Prof. Dr Mario LARCHEmpirical Economics
François LENFANT, PhDConflict Studies
Prof. Dr Eva Julia LOHSELaw
Prof. Dr Dorothea LÜDDECKENSReligious Studies
Prof. Dr Katharina MANDERSCHEIDSocial Economy
Prof. Dr Fiona MC LAUGLINLinguistics/African Languages
Prof. Dr Detlef MÜLLER-MAHNGeography
Prof. Dr Noëleen Frances MURRAYCritical Architecture and Urbanism
Prof. Nihal NAGI SARHAN, PhDEnglish Language
Gibson NCUBE, PhDForeign Languages
Prof. Dr Dieter NEUBERTSociology of Africa
Prof. Dr Paul NEWMANLinguistics
Prof. Dr Eunice NGONGKUMAfrican Literature and Culture
Dr Trevor NGWANESociology
Sybille N. NYECK, PhDEthnic Studies
Dr Franklin OBENG-OdoomGlobal Development Studies
Prof. Dr Achim von OPPENAfrican History
Prof. Dr Michaela OTTAesthetic Theories
Prof. Dr Jonathan OWENSArabic Studies
Prof. Dr George OWUSUStatistics & Economics
Prof. Dr Damani PARTRIDGEAnthropology
Prof. Chris Maina PETERLaw
Prof. Dr Herbert POPPGeography
Prof. Dr Alena RETTOVÁAfrican and Afrophone Philosophies
Prof. Livio SANSONEAnthropology
Prof. Dr Patricia de SANTANA PINHOSocial Sciences
Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Andreas Georg SCHERERFoundations of Business Administration and Theories of the Firm
Prof. Dr Paula SCHRODEReligion
Prof. Dr Josias SEMUJANGAFrench Literature
Dr Gilbert Ndi SHANGComparative Literature
Dr Nadine SIEGERTArt Studies
Prof. Dr Peter Tirop SIMATEIEnglish and Anglophone Literatures
Dr Joe SPENCER-BENNETTEnglish Language and Applied Linguistics
Prof. Dr Evelyn Alexandra STIEBELEnglish Studies
Dr Ndongo Samba SYLLADevelopment Economics
Prof. Dr Alexie TCHEUYAPFrancophone Studies
Prof. Mahaman TIDJANI ALOUPolitical Science
Dr Kristof TITECADevelopment Policy
Dr Farouk TOPANSwahili Language and Literature
Prof. Dr Markus VERNEAnthropology
Dr Lotje de VRIESInternational Conflict Analysis and Management
Ann Marie WAINSCOTT, PhDPolitical Science
Prof. Dr Ulrike WANITZEKLaw in Africa
Dr Peter Wafula WEKESAHistory, Archeology and Political Studies
Prof. Dr Emnet Tadesse WOLDEGIORGISEducation

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