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New regulation concerning field research travel

News, 19 February 2021

Dear Cluster Members,

this message is of particular relevance to the Bayreuth-based Cluster members (as well as BIGSAS JFs) who are waiting to conduct research trips. The university board has revised its policy of approving official trips. So far, trips were only allowed if considered “mandatory”. From now on they can be approved if they are essential. This means that at least some travel in the Cluster can resume, though this may change again any time. What is intended here is to enable researchers to conduct their field work that has been in suspense because of the pandemic. At the current juncture, brief conference trips or short-term travel are still discouraged and usually not considered essential.

Bayreuth-based Cluster members can hand in applications for travel through the usual channel. They need to be accompanied by a statement explaining the reason why the trip is absolutely necessary, why it cannot be substituted by online meetings or other measures such as delegating tasks, and why it cannot be postponed to a later time.

Approval of applications for travel is contingent on the following conditions:

(1) the trip is indispensable for implementing the research programme of a Cluster-funded project;

(2) the country of destination allows travel from and to Germany;

(3) the duration of the research stay exceeds the duration of possibly required quarantine periods, whether on arrival at the destination or on return;

(4) all pandemic-related rules and regulations are observed.

The expenses for Corona testing can be reimbursed through project funds. In case of doubt about the eligibility of a research trip for approval, it is recommended to contact Mr Neustätter, the head of the department in charge (Referat III/3). Please note that these rules are be subject to change, depending on the development of the pandemic.

I’m sure you are as glad as I am that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Best regards,

Rüdiger Seesemann

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