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Latest Issue of BIGSASworks!

Recently, the latest issue in the Bayreuth African Studies Working Papers series has been published. Volume 27 of the series is titled "Fieldwork Experiences and Practices in Africa" and has been edited by Nikitta Dede Adjirakor, Oladapo Opeyemi Ajayi, Hanza Diman, and Mingqing Yuan.

This volume explores different theoretical and methodological approaches to fieldwork experiences, practices, and challenges in African Studies. Employing multidisciplinary perspectives and lenses that include intersectionality, decolonization and reflexivity, the contributors discuss how fieldwork can question, upend and reconfigure the research experience. All contributions are underlined by a critical reflection on positionality, exploring the intersections between different positions emanating from parenting, age, marriage, race, motherhood, nationality, diaspora, language, and religion. In particular, there is a conscious reflection on often marginalized positions and perspectives in the field, underscored by a critical reflection of the positions of the contributors as attached to institutions in the global north, in relation to their work in the global south. The contributors reinforce the need for critical reflections on the practice of fieldwork in African studies, underscoring the intersections between lived experience and the research process.

The volume can be downloaded HERE.

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