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Annual Cluster Conference 2022 on Medialities

From 6 to 9 July 2022 you are invited to attend the third Annual Conference on Medialities organised by the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence that will be held in Bayreuth and in Makhanda (African Cluster Centre at Rhodes University). Almost all events can be attended either in person or in virtual space. You can also attend virtually onsite: rooms are offered where Makhanda events are streamed in Bayreuth and vice versa. Sounds complicated? Not at all, however, the organizers appreciate a heads up if you are going to join so they can prepare accordingly.

The diverse programme features:

  • 3 keynote lectures,
  • 14 parallel thematic panel sessions,
  • 2 roundtable discussions,
  • 2 film screenings,
  • an artist performance, and
  • a knowledge slam

 You may find details of the programme on the online registration page or on the Cluster website.

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