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Photographic Call "African Spaces"

In 2021, the Cluster of Excellence issued a call for photographic contributions for the first time. The topic was "African Icons" and the organisers were amazed by the wide range of contributions they received.

This year, the Cluster has chosen a new topic for its photographic call: From 15 July 2022 through 15 August 2022, the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is inviting all amateur and professional photographers to participate in a call for photographic contributions on the topic of "African Spaces".

After the deadline, all submitted contributions will be put up on the poll plattform poll unit and rated publicly. The 12 best rated images will be featured in the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence's annual photographic calendar 2023 and are eligible for a compensation of 350 Euros each.

The Cluster of Excellence is looking forward to receiving your personal interpretation of  "African Spaces"!

More info and participation rules HERE (Cluster website).

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